Friday, 25 September 2009

Recording Bath

Peter Coard sought to record as much detail of the many houses in Bath that were being lost to the developers in the 1960s. Working with black biro on white card. He produced a great body of illustration work, recording the buildings (marked for demolition) individual details and character.

Kiah Kiean

For fantastic expressive Location drawings take a look at Kiah Kiean's work here.

Urban Sketchers

Urban Sketchers (USk) is a network of artists around the world who draw the cities where they live and travel to. They have a great flicker group too.

Drawing & Sculpture

The loose and expressive work of David G Derrick Jr who is also a Dreamworks story artist.

Location Sketching

Some lovely location drawing from Wilfred Wong

James Jean

Go have a look at James Jean's sketchbook images some beautiful work.

Welcome Back

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