Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Title Sequence Pitch Inspiration


ATRiuM Animation Archives

Fighting Horses (1998) from ATRiuM Animation Archives on Vimeo.


Joanna Quinn

Some stunning traditional animation and beautiful design Joanna Quinn also produces commercial work see here


THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER from THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER team on Vimeo.'>For some beautiful work form the GOBELINS animation school in France see here

Passion Pictures

Some more fantastic commercial work for Passion Pictures Here

Studio AKA

How can you not be inspired by the work these guys produce!!!! go and have a look here

Aardman Commercials

Have a look here it’s a great resource of inspiration many different styles and ideas, in a short format.

Vanishing Species


Ghost Trees (deforestation and carbon released)

Some more insiration for the Advertising / Promotional Campaign.

Challenge your world

Some inspiration for your major project especially if your thinking of the Advertising / Promotional Campaign Option. This is a short video for the event Challenge your world (challengeyourworld.com/), in Montreal the 19th of November 2009

La Chaussettologie - Challenge your world from Desrumaux Celine on Vimeo.